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As you may already be aware from October 10th 2021 new legislation regarding mandatory ROPS systems to be fitted to all new ATVs has forced Honda Australia to cease importing ATV’s into the country.

This is the situation we are in. Honda Australia will not be able to supply on demand. All ATVs from now on must be forward ordered by the 31st of July 2020.

So in order to ensure “your” Honda ATV requirement is filled we have to place an order for delivery between now and June 2021 we need you to place an order accordingly.

The new law states that NO ATV MAY BE SOLD without rollover protection fitted by the manufacturer after the 10th of Oct. 2021. So Honda will no longer be importing ATVs to Australia as all their testing shows that rollover protection may be more harmful to the rider if fitted.    

We understand this is a difficult situation and we would love to be able to order enough stock to cover everybody’s needs but given that any ATV stock held at the 10/10/2021 simply can’t be sold by law. So both Honda Australia and Barry Francis Pty Ltd, along with all Honda dealers will be making sure we are not left with excess stock.    

Please call Doug, Andrew or Roger to discuss your options. 
(Please don’t leave until after the 31st of July because we simply won’t be able to help)

PH  03 5551 4999 


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As a part of Yamaha’s commitment to proven safety methods and our ongoing farm safety initiative, we’re offering a FREE Shark ATV SSV helmet on all Yamaha utility vehicles.

There’s nothing more important than the safety of our customers when working on the land. That’s why Yamaha stands by proven safety methods, and to back our commitment we are giving a free Shark ATV SSV helmet with every purchase of a new ATV, SSV or AG bike from your authorised Yamaha dealer. Valued at $265 the Shark ATV SSV helmet has been designed specifically for Australian farmers.

The Shark farm safe helmet is designed to address many of the reasons that farmers do not wear a helmet. It is lightweight, has great ventilation, an easy to operate buckle, and is designed for ease of hearing. It is also globally certified road legal. Four optional accessory packs are also available allowing you to adapt the helmet to most environments.

Research has shown that most serious ATV/SSV injuries can be prevented by wearing a helmet and is the most effective safety device available for ATV, SSV and AG bike riders.

* Offer ends 30 April 2020 or while stocks last. Our free helmet offer is available with Viking VI/III, Wolverine X2/X4, Grizzly 700/350, Kodiak 700/450, AG200/125. Not all colours and sizes available.


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Ride now and pay later on Yamaha fun bikes this Xmas and score a mini tool kit.

Getting your kids on a Yamaha fun bike has never been easier. With no repayments and no interest for the first six month, you can ride now and pay later.


Buy now for Christmas and receive a FREE Kincrome 53 piece mini tool kit worth $299, so the kids can work on their new ride.

Never lose the 10mm again with the Contour Mini Tool Workshop – ideal for transporting to the track or handy for the garage benchtop. This high quality Yamaha-branded Kincrome mini tool kit features a two-piece six drawer chest on wheels – but in a compact size only 390mm high.The 53-piece kit contains a useful socket set with 1/4in drive, a set of high quality metric spanners, Allen keys, digital tyre gauge and more. All with Kincrome’s lifetime guarantee.

In order to further tempt you, there are a range of factory savings on Yamaha’s available on fun bike range as per the table below. The older the stock, the more savings you get. These savings are applicable on the model years highlighted and are only available if your dealer has the relevant models in stock.

Ask your Yamaha dealer about these savings, check out the free tool kit and ask about nothing to pay for six months NOW! Offer ends 31st December 2019.


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Take back control of your garden this season with the Husqvarna Manual Sprayer range. Three models available with a multitude of uses for home, commercial and professional situations throughout the year.

Available in three sizes 15L, 8L and 1.5L, there is a perfect fit for everyone. From homeowners and farmers to hotels, golf courses and nurseries, each of these multi-purpose sprayers has been designed with the user in mind. 

Each is able to be used with wettable powders and liquid-based solutions such as weed killer, plant food, bleach, and antifungal treatments. They are also ideal for the organic gardener, offering chemical-free pest control.

The optimal PSI ranges make them perfect for blasting unwanted  aphids, caterpillars and other garden pests away using the power of water alone. 
To help you understand more about the range, here’s an overview of what you can expect.